Document Services

Document Services

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Large-Format Printing and Scanning

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Autocad Plotting

YCC has state-of-the-art equipment for large-format copying, scanning and digital printing. Copy black & white plan sets fast in our self-service area, or a team member can assist you with full-service reprographics.

Photocopying is widely used in business, education, and government. There have been many predictions that photocopiers will eventually become obsolete as information workers continue to increase their digital document creation and distribution, and rely less on distributing actual pieces of paper.

Backed by our efficient workforce, we are capable of providing our clients with excellent Photocopying Services. All our services are widely appreciated by the customers due to their reliability, cost-effectiveness, timely execution, flexibility and personalization. Moreover, our expert quality controllers stringently check and test the photocopied and scanned material for assuring flawlessness.

We offer BULK Photocopying.
Size : A4 & A3
Color & B/w

Photocopying done for School, Students, Corporate Offices, Govt. Deptartments, Engineering Colleges, Marketing Companies and other various consultants.

Paper Media used for this can be as per selection.

Digital technology


Photocopying Services

How a modern photocopier worksThere is an increasing trend for new photocopiers to adopt digital technology, thus replacing the older analog technology. With digital copying, the copier effectively consists of an integrated scanner and laser printer.

We use Canon digital IR 6000 machine for providing our customers with Jumbo Xerox/ Photocopying Services. With the facility, we can provide jumbo color photocopies as well as black & white jumbo photocopies. In addition to this, our team of expert quality controllers thoroughly checked all photocopied material on various parameters to ensure 100% quality.

As document binders we provide different types of document binding options such as pamphlets binding, brochure binding, booklet binding, papersback binding services, binding files, calendar binding, presentations binding, magazines binding, journals binding, library binding, projects binding, manuscripts binding, essays binding, reports binding systems services, etc. We provide custom bookbinding services for new and old book bindings requirements. In short, for binding a document, we offer the best services.

Spiral Binding

Spiral Binding

Wiro Binding

Wiro Binding

First, let’s discuss the benefits that laminating your documents will offer.  The most important trait of lamination is its protective properties.  The plastic-like material bonds your documents securely on all sides protecting is from damage such as finger prints, scratches, dents and bends, liquid spills and even the harmful rays of the sun.  In addition to these protective assets, lamination also adds an attractive finish to your document or print.  For example, if you get a gloss lamination, then your print will feature a pristine glossy sheen once laminated, increasing the vibrancy of the colors.  If you don’t want the sheen because of high-lighting or glare situations, then matte lamination is also available.  Used properly, laminating your documents will keep them vibrant and protected for years to come.

lamination cutter

Something to consider, however, is that document lamination is permanent and cannot be removed, so it is always important to test an unimportant document or print before laminating the actual piece.  This will help you determine the proper heat and speed settings on your laminator without ruining the product you wanted to protect in the first place.