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Kangen Water Jaipur – Enagic India Kangen Water – Alkaline Water Ionizer


Kangen Water Jaipur – Enagic India Kangen Water – Alkaline Water Ionizer



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Featured Project: Wilson-Hurd POP Video Display



Wilson-Hurd’s POP division in Berlin, WI, had the task of designing a video display to showcase our skills and abilities for the GlobalShop 2015 show in Las Vegas, Nevada. The challenge was to develop a display that demonstrated our capabilities and was also appealing and memorable to people walking by our booth.

Video Display 4

The POP team designed and manufactured the display shown above in its entirety and used a variety of materials and processes including:

  • Screen and digital printing on both aluminum and polycarbonate
  • Aluminum fabrication
  • Laser cutting of acrylic
  • LED light insertion
  • Motion sensing
  • Final assembly of display

The video monitor within the display features the actual production of the display and is powered on by motioning your hand above the screen. The LED lights are battery powered and have an on/off toggle switch.

Video Display 3

“Typical POP display projects using video monitors have proven to increase product sales between 35% to…

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